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HelpAge India gets VO1A high rating from CRISIL for Strong Delivery Capability and Financial Proficiency

HelpAge India

HelpAge India receives VO1A highest rating from CRISIL

HelpAge India, a non-governmental organization that has worked to meet the needs of underprivileged and vulnerable elders for more than 40 years, received the highest rating possible for a voluntary organization, VO1A, on the CRISIL Grading Certificate. 
India’s top supplier of ratings, data, research, and analytics is CRISIL (an S&P Global Company). Its VO grading is an unbiased assessment of a VO’s potential to consistently accomplish its stated goals. The highest rating was given for both the delivery capability and financial proficiency assessments, which formed the basis for the V01A classification. The procedure comprises a thorough examination of the governance structure, management skills, internal controls, programme execution skills, funding profile, and input from donors and beneficiaries. Key stakeholders, the scope and depth of work being done, and its effect on changing lives were all covered by the research.

HelpAge India

HelpAge India provides 2 million or more people in need with support through its healthcare, age care, livelihood, disaster relief, rehabilitation, research, and capacity building initiatives, and it is a fervent supporter of the cause and rights of the old. It collaborates with foundations, social sector organizations, corporate CSR programmes (such as mobile healthcare units, vaccinations, vision care, senior citizen homes, elder-self-help groups, and digital literacy), central and state governments (e.g., implementing the ElderLine 14567 initiative in eight states). Additionally, it informs and counsels the government as it formulates elderly policy. 
“The VO1A rating is a testament to the organization’s strength and the difference we are making in the lives of seniors and the community thanks to the dedication of every member of the HelpAge India family and the trust our partners, donors, and supporters have placed in us. We put a lot of effort into making sure that best practices are followed and that our business operations are transparent financially. The dedication of our staff on the ground, as was seen during the epidemic when they placed themselves in danger to guarantee spoor and vulnerable elderly are reached out to and not left behind in the struggle for survival & a life of dignity, is what allows us to further our goal.