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HDB Financial Services Revives four Ponds in Gurugram

HDB Financial Services

In an endeavor to rejuvenate and replenish these waterbodies, HDB Financial Services (HDBFS), a renowned non-banking financial organization, completed the restoration of four waterbodies in the city – Sanpka, Tatarpur, Kharkari, and Alipur Ponds. The eco-restoration is being carried out in collaboration with HDB’s CSR partner, the Environmentalist Foundation of India. 

HDB Financial Services

The following activities were carried out as part of the restoration work: 

13.5 tonnes of rubbish were removed from the lake’s perimeter. 

Mechanical and manual methods were used to remove invasive weeds. 

Cleared clogged inlet and outlet channels to direct water flow 

Percolation trenches were dug to assist recharge the groundwater table. 

To prevent floods, embankments were built around the lake’s border. 

Previously, the four ponds lacked proper structure, and invasive weeds and non-biodegradable garbage had taken over the pond embankments. The water had become dark and stagnant, disrupting aquatic life. 

Over 9,000 people have benefited from the restoration of these bodies of water. Residents in the area would benefit greatly from this endeavor because it will make the ponds more visually pleasing and safer for recreational activities. Furthermore, the ponds will be able to store surplus water, which will help to avert floods. 

“Waterbodies are rapidly depleting, and collective efforts are required to restore them in order to reverse the impact of climate change,” stated Rakesh Kumar, National Head – Two Wheelers & Auto-Loans, HDB Financial Services. HDB Financial Services is devoted to the cause of water security through its CSR initiatives, and the efforts to restore four ponds in Gurugram are a step in that direction. The restored ponds will help recharge natural aquifers. 

“Ecologically, surface water bodies play a key role in balancing the local environment, regulating the surplus flood waters during monsoon periods, keeping lake surroundings cool, recharging ground water sources, nurturing wetland ecosystems, and providing feeding and breeding grounds to many local and migratory birds,” said Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India. Furthermore, surface water bodies aid in the development of recreational centers and open space for social exchange in the urban environment. We are appreciative to HDB Financial Services and the local Panchayat President for their assistance in restoring Gurugram’s waterbodies. 

To date, HDBFS has assisted in the restoration of over 100 waterbodies across India in an effort to maintain ecological balance and assist communities in achieving water security.