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Harpic renews its focus on ‘Sanitation for All’ with Harpic Mission Swachhta aur Paani


Harpic renews the focus on ‘Sanitation for All’

On World Toilet Day, Harpic, as part of its flagship campaign “Mission Swachhta aur Paani,” launched the week with an 8-hour telethon highlighting its dedication to safer restrooms for everyone and the necessity of a behavioural shift toward clean and hygienic restrooms. With Harpic Mission Swacchta aur Paani – “Milkar Le Ye Zimmedari,” the organisation is shifting its focus toward a resurgence in the health, hygiene, and sanitation sectors after three successful years of its largest long-term campaign.

A programme known as “Mission Swachhta aur Paani” that advocates for universal access to clean restrooms is known as “Sanitation for All.” It firmly supports the notion that maintaining clean restrooms is a shared obligation and promotes equality for all genders, abilities, castes, and classes. This is a commitment to keep India Samagra Swachh, safeguard communities from diseases, work toward sustainable sanitation, and ensure that everyone has access to secure restrooms. The campaign issued a call to all Americans to voice their opinions on a potential 5-point behavioural change mandate for the country.

“Since its start, Harpic and News18’s Mission Swachhta aur Paani has been focusing on inclusive sanitation in India, and the necessity of water for hygiene and sanitation,” said Ravi Bhatnagar, Director Of External Affairs & Partnerships, Reckitt – South Asia. To effect change locally, we rely heavily on our collaborators on the other side of the world. Through our varied interventions, we hope to enlighten and empower over 20 million Indians with the knowledge and skills necessary to change their behaviour and raise awareness of the value of basic sanitation for a healthy India. We’re confident that behaviour will alter in the future, even in the roughest terrain. Through this project, we are moving World Toilet Day’s central message forward today.

Akshay Kumar, the campaign’s ambassador, gave Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat a “five-point mandate” to lead the centrepiece programme to alter Indians’ behaviour toward greater sanitation. These include: leaving no one behind; having access to secure and clean restrooms as a shared duty; treating everyone with respect and dignity when using the restrooms.

Also underlined by Akshay was the part that kids play in this mission.

Harpic Mission Paani

Toilet etiquette instruction need to be required in all public schools across the country. Akshay Kumar continued, “Students should learn about subjects like cleanliness, hygiene, and water conservation.

In response to the urgent call for water conservation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Harpic Mission Paani was nationally launched in August 2019. Its goal is to create collective awareness, action, and behaviour change for the preservation and protection of water resources. Since then, Mission Paani has facilitated communication on behavioural changes related to sanitation and hygiene, which are essential components of the campaign as well as water conservation. Sesame Workshop India and Harpic Mission Swacchta aur Paani have partnered to support the campaign’s goal of educating kids about the value of sanitation and hygiene, encouraging them to practise it, and spreading the word to those around them.

To create a healthy nation, it is crucial to modify cultural behaviour because water is the foundation of sanitation and preserving bathroom hygiene. By continually working to upgrade water and hygiene facilities across India with specialised programmes that deal with the issue with Mission Swachhta aur Paani, Harpic revitalises the cause.