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UpGrad’s Harappa Education to be launched in US, UK via enterprise learning route

Harappa Education

upGrad-owned Harappa Education to launch in the US, UK

Harappa Education is expanding internationally after being purchased by edtech unicorn upGrad in July for Rs 300 crore. The Harappa School of Leadership’s Accelerated Management Programme (AMP), one of its standout programmes, will debut first in the US and then in the UK. 
Pramath Raj Sinha, the founder and chairman of Harappa, said in an exclusive interview with Business Today, “We are confident about the US market and the UK market as well. People all throughout the world are already watching a lot of our programmes. We collaborate with a number of [Indian] businesses that send their personnel abroad with our courses. We are now contacting US companies directly. 
Given the rising need for professional courses and enterprise learning, Harappa intends to approach its US venture from a B2B perspective. Programs offered by the Harappa School of Leadership (HSoL) will put a strong emphasis on soft skills like leadership and empathy, which are in high demand in a post-pandemic society, as well as new-age technical capabilities like data analytics, product management, design thinking, etc. 
The Delhi-based start-up also wants to introduce courses on women leadership and other behavioural skills over the coming few months in addition to AMP, which offers more than 200 hours of live learning modules. UpGrad contributed an extra $40 million (Rs 320 crore) to Harappa earlier in September to support its international growth.

Harappa Education

According to Sinha, “People were not investing in the leadership part, whereas management education was mostly about the technical aspects and the hard skills. The development of these soft talents is challenging. We developed courses in the fields of “how to think better, interact better, solve problems, manage people, etc.” 
“We adopted the strategy of approaching corporations and collaborating with them at work. We made a wager on something challenging that nobody else was undertaking, and we’re attempting to accomplish it on a large scale,” he continues. 
The market for higher education delivered online in India is anticipated to reach $5 billion by 2025, according to a report by the consulting firm RedSeer. According to reports, this area of the edtech market is expanding the fastest. According to the report, the market for online lifelong learning would also grow.