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Grow-Trees.com helps Tamil Nadu’s fishermen to earn a sustainable livelihood from seaweed cultivation

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Grow-Trees.com helps TN’s struggling fishermen

Grow-Trees.com – Seaweeds, sometimes known as “wonder plants of the sea,” are rapidly being viewed as game-changers in more than 46 industries. According to research, this magical macroscopic alga could aid in the prevention of food and energy shortages, as well as provide pharmaceutical treatments for the treatment of critical ailments. Recent attempts have employed seaweed to make sustainable and biodegradable packaging for drinks and sauces as an alternative to single-use plastic. Seaweed is extremely cost-effective to grow because it can survive without fertilizers, freshwater, or active human intervention, and it even aids in carbon sequestration. Countries around the world are recognizing its potential, and while seaweed production was valued at $12 billion in 2019, it is predicted to reach $26 billion by 2025. 
While China and Indonesia control 80% of the seaweed market, India is running out of this natural resource due to pollution, indiscriminate collecting, and a lack of farming skills. With its 8,000-kilometer coastline, India is now seeking to increase production to more than one million tonnes per year by 2025, which is why the non-profit Grow-Trees.com has stepped in to help. Following in the footsteps of China, Korea, and Japan, India has entered the race to reap the benefits of seaweed production, and Grow-Trees.com is assisting the country with its knowledge. 
“We are offering equipment and expertise to fishing communities via a seaweed farming initiative in Munaikkadu, Mandapam Camp, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu,” explains Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of Grow-Trees.com. This is being done to boost the coastal community’s income and self-sufficiency, so that these ladies can train more marginalised communities to supplement their earnings. Of course, we will support the training and equipment, and we will use this expertise to expand this module to other vulnerable areas along India’s coast.” 
Over 750 people are currently benefiting from this project. Only 15 households currently own seaweed production equipment, while the rest struggle to make ends meet. Grow-long-term Trees.com’s purpose is to empower this community


Hanifa Begum of Munaikkadu is one of the recipients. “My husband is a fisherman, but his salary is insufficient to support the family,” she explains. Grow-Trees.com provided us with two rafts as well as instruction on how to efficiently develop seaweed. We hope that a healthy crop will enable us to live better lives and educate our children. I’d want to express my gratitude to Grow-Trees.com and the Annai Theresa Trust.” 
Muthulakshmi, another Munaikkadu resident, has started growing seaweed courtesy to Grow-Trees.com and the Annai Theresa Trust. “My husband is an auto-driver, and we were fighting to make ends meet,” she recalls. Now, two rafts from Grow-Trees.com have greatly aided us in supplementing our income and providing a comfortable education for our children.

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