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Govt of Karnataka partners with NGO Bal Utsav to revitalize 350 schools

NGO Bal Utsav

Government of Karnataka and NGO Bal Utsav partner

To revitalize 350 government schools in the state, the Karnataka government has partnered with NGO Bal Utsav, the top NGO in the field of school education. Bal Utsav has been chosen as the partnership’s implementation partner for the government’s ground-breaking programme, “Nammoora Shaale, Nammellara Shaale,” which aims to raise the standard of instruction in State-run schools.

In order to revitalize public schools in Karnataka, the Nammoora Shaale Nammellara Shaale initiative brings together elected officials, government agencies, local communities, private educational institutions, the media, and civil society organizations. In order to establish at least one school complex—a collection of elementary schools, secondary schools, and senior secondary schools—in each of Karnataka’s districts, the initiative aims to adopt over 350 schools.

Bal Utsav, the implementation partner, and the Department of Education have signed a State-Wide Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create and run model schools in each district of Karnataka in the first year (2023-2024) and in each Taluk of Karnataka beginning in the second year (2024-2025). Children from lower-income families across the state should be able to access a high-quality education thanks to the initiative, which aims to increase public participation in public education. The general public can get involved by making a financial contribution at balutsav.in/nsns or by donating school supplies.

NGO Bal Utsav

NGO Bal Utsav will oversee operations such as monitoring school infrastructure improvements, giving students access to necessary supplies for the classroom, ensuring teacher development, and ensuring quality education. Bal Utsav will also facilitate the implementation of this initiative across the State.

According to Shri BC Nagesh, the government of Karnataka’s minister of school education, “The initiative Nammoora Shaale, Nammellara Shaale affirms the crucial role education plays in society and the growth of the nation. Education must be prioritized, and the resources needed to improve the system must be made available. We want to thank Ramesh Balasundaram, the founder of Bal Utsav, who is aware of the realities on the ground in this area, for his proactive efforts to raise our schools to the required level.

“We at Bal Utsav think that this action plan is an important step towards ensuring quality education for all children in Karnataka and is an important milestone in bringing the ‘public’ into public schools,” said Binu Verma, Co-Founder and Director of Bal Utsav. The initiative has received overwhelmingly positive support from the Department of Education, the Government of Karnataka, and numerous communities, which has been both inspiring and humbling. We continue to be dedicated to building a better future for kids, their families, and society, with education at its core.

She said, “We thank you for being the kind of people who not only believe in a world where every child receives an effective education, but also in the overwhelming support from the Public for this initiative.