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Government schools in Gurugram and Faridabad renovated under CSR initiative

Government schools in Gurugram

Government schools in Gurugram – FUJIFILM India, a pioneer in diagnostics and imaging advancements, announces the successful completion of its newest CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program targeted at changing India’s educational infrastructure. FUJIFILM India has finished the refurbishment of two schools as part of this humanitarian mission. To accomplish this, FUJIFILM India renovated and remodeled the Government Primary School in Sushant Lok, Gurugram, Haryana, into the FUJIFILM India Model School, creating a modern and exciting environment in which students can thrive. Not only that, but FUJIFILM India has completely renovated the Government Middle School in the village of Jajru in Faridabad, Haryana, and reimagined it as the FUJIFILM India Model Village, offering kids with improved educational tools. 

The goal was to improve the capacity and amenities of primary schools in Sushant Lok A-1, Gurugram, and Government Middle School in Jajru, Faridabad, which included developing infrastructure, addressing cleanliness and hygiene, beautifying the schools with swings and wall art, ensuring safe drinking water, and creating and maintaining play areas for recreational activities within the schools. In addition, through ‘Aao Baat Karein’ Awareness Workshops, FUJIFILM India is actively involved in conducting Prevention of Sexual Harassment training programs for children in various schools. The workshops dispel myths and provide accurate knowledge about sexual abuse, gender sensitivity, sexual health, menstruation, reproductive organs, hygiene, and early adolescent issues. The purpose is to empower children to speak up, oppose sexual abuse, and defend themselves. 

Government schools in Gurugram & Faridabad

Mr Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, remarked of the company’s ambitious actions, “It is a true honor for me to witness the transformation of these schools and the positive impact they will have on the lives of students who receive an education there.” This CSR activity has always been very important to me because I have always felt that education is the foundation of progress and that by investing in the future of young minds, we are sowing the seeds of a flourishing society. And, by renovating these schools, we are laying a stable platform for education to thrive. By investing in infrastructure and resources, we are empowering today’s young brains to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. 

“The Sustainable Value Plan 2023 is at the core of our Planning whenever we strategize to do a CSR Activity,” said Mr. Abhi Shekhar Singh, Vertical Head, Corporate Communications and CSR. These initiatives were based on extensive study in order to target the areas that require the most attention. We are confident that spending the majority of our money on infrastructure development for both schools will have a long-term influence on getting children back to school by making the infrastructure hygienic and appealing.”The revolutionary restorations of these institutions, coupled by educating Child Sexual Abuse sessions and empowering Health Camps, demonstrate FUJIFILM India’s dedication to corporate social responsibility. These significant achievements reflect FUJIFILM India’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and its ambition to make a meaningful contribution to the communities it serves. FUJIFILM India hopes to empower students and pave the road for a prosperous future by investing in education.