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Government extends Rooftop Solar Program till March 2026

Rooftop Solar Program

Govt extends Rooftop Solar Program till March 2026

The Rooftop Solar Program has been extended through March 31, 2026, thus subsidies under the Program will be provided up until the Program’s target is met. All residential customers are now urged to refrain from paying any additional costs to any vendor on account of application fees on the National Portal or any additional fees for net-metering/testing that are not set by the appropriate distribution business.

If any vendor, agency, or individual demands such fees, you can inform both the relevant distribution business and this Ministry by emailing rts-mnre[at]gov[dot]in. To learn more about the National Portal, click to www.solarrooftop.gov.in.

Any consumer from anywhere in the nation who wants to install rooftop solar can apply on the National Portal and follow the entire procedure, from registration to the direct deposit of subsidies into his bank account.

Rooftop Solar Program

Residential consumers are required to install rooftop solar plants from any of the vendors registered by the relevant distribution company of their locality. The subsidy under National Portal has been set at Rs. 14,588/- per kW (for capacity up to 3 kW) for the entire country.

The National Portal also has a list of registered suppliers. The format of the contract that must be signed between the vendor and the customer has been provided on the national portal in order to protect the interests of consumers. The agreement’s terms can be reached mutually. The vendor is required to offer the consumer maintenance services for at least five years, and in the event of any default, the relevant distribution firm may enforce the vendor’s performance bank guarantee.

The National Portal does not charge for applications, and the individual distribution firms have set the costs associated with net metering. Additionally, there are no fees to be paid to any distributors or vendors for collecting subsidies, and subsidies will be immediately into the beneficiary’s bank account by the Ministry.