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Google testing Apple AirTag rival for Android users to help locate lost items

Apple AirTag

Google testing Apple AirTag for Android

According to rumours, Google is developing a rival to Apple AirTag, a locator tool intended to make it simple for consumers to locate misplaced products. The Google Nest team is creating the gadget, which has the codename “Grogu,” and it will likely come in a variety of colours.

According to developer and trustworthy leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, Google has given the device the codename Grogu, likely in reference to the baby Yoda character.

The AirTag-equivalent gadget from Google will be made to compete with Apple AirTag and Tile trackers. In order to assist customers in finding missing things, the device will make use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity features.

Apple AirTag

When it comes to finding missing objects, UWB is significantly more precise than Bluetooth and has the capacity to provide both distance estimates and instructions to a tag.

Similar to an Apple AirTag, the gadget is anticipated to have an onboard speaker that would enable customers to utilise sound to locate a lost smartphone. In order to facilitate the tracking of missing objects, Google is apparently extending UWB to some of its other products, including the Nest smart speakers. The device is expected to be officially unveiled at the Google I/O Developer Conference sometime in May 2023, according to reports.

Users will have an easy and dependable way to trace missing items thanks to Google‘s AirTag-like device. It will be a much-needed addition to the market and undoubtedly turn out to be a helpful solution for people who frequently lose their belongings.

Apple released information about the AirTag on April 20, 2021. Users can find missing items via the company’s Find My network. The AirTag may share the item’s current location with adjacent Apple devices using Bluetooth technology. When prompted by the Find My app, the AirTag can also emit a sound, aiding in the item’s location. Additionally, AirTag includes a built-in speaker that plays a sound to aid in discovering the lost item.