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Google and NASA to bring solar system in 3D to mobile screens

solar system in 3D

Google, NASA to bring the solar system in 3D

 Google and NASA plan to make the solar system in 3D, ready for mobile devices. Google has been enthusiastic in augmented reality and has increased expenditures there. Now, it will offer 3D renderings of the planets, moons, and spaceships to Google Search as well as on smartphone displays thanks to its AR technology. For its most recent space exploration initiative, NASA has teamed up with the tech titan. Along with Search integration, Google Arts & Culture and NASA have just unveiled a brand-new online exhibition with a current science and astronomy theme.

More than 60 3D models of planets, moons, and NASA spacecraft are now available through Google Search thanks to a collaboration between NASA and Google Arts & Culture. To grasp the various components of what you’re learning about when using Google Search to learn about these subjects, simply click the View in 3D button.

Solar system in 3D

Additionally, Google Search will feature these 3D annotations for instructional models of cells, biological ideas (such as skeletal systems), and other topics. Google continued, “And you can even utilize AR to project these models into your space [room] when you’re on your mobile phone. Users can now experience the Apollo 11 Moon landing site, the Mars Pathfinder Rover’s base station, the James Webb Space Telescope, several Artemis SLS rocket parts, the International Space Station’s interiors, and more in 3D.

According to Google, “the experience is also a means to encourage future students who may be thinking about jobs as our next generation of explorers.” Kris Brown, Deputy Associate Administrator for STEM Engagement at NASA, commented on the collaboration.