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Google doing best to make tech equitable, inclusive for women – Top exec


Google to make tech equitable and inclusive for women

According to Sapna Chadha, Vice President of Marketing for Google India and Southeast Asia, the company makes every effort to prevent the creation and reinforcement of injustice, particularly in the context of gender. She added that it is their duty to create technology that is fair and inclusive of women.

Speaking on Monday in New Delhi at the Google for India 2022 meeting, Chadha also emphasized some of the steps the internet giant’s Indian subsidiary has taken to support women. This includes programmes like DigiPivot for women who are returning to the workforce and Google for Start-ups Accelerator, which is designed for Indian women creators.

Eight years ago, according to Chadha, barely one in ten people used the internet. This number has increased to four as of today. She added that Google had worked hard to develop tools that support women’s professional advancement. Regarding the responsible use of technologies, notably artificial intelligence, she stressed the necessity of preventing “real life prejudices from manifesting in technology.”


Chadha claimed that comprehension of the context is the key to eliminating bias. BINDI, which stands for Bias Interventions for Natural Language Processing and Data in the Indian Context, was also launched, according to her announcement.

To guarantee that technology is utilized responsibly, BINDI will consider “contextual” factors such as societal context, technological gaps, and local culture and traditions. The Sundar Pichai-led technology company would concentrate on investing in women-led early-stage startups through its Rs 75,000 crore India Digitization Fund, according to Sanjay Gupta, Country Manager & VP, Google India.

At the same event, Gupta declared, “Going ahead, as part of our IDF investments, we will be prioritizing support for early-stage enterprises with a specific focus on women-led startups. To make internet connection more accessible, the corporation raised $10 billion, or around Rs 75,000 crore at the time of writing (the end of 2020 currency rate).