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Will help Indian government towards developing responsible AI: Google

developing responsible AI

Developing responsible AI – On Thursday, Google reaffirmed its commitment to working with the Indian government and industry stakeholders to foster ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. Following a meeting between IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and representatives from major social media platforms and other stakeholders, this pledge was made.

Vaishnaw stated that the government intends to develop new regulations to detect and limit the spread of deepfakes. “Deepfakes have emerged as a new threat to democratic governance.” “These (can) erode trust in society and its institutions,” Vaishnaw said after meeting with various stakeholders, including social media platforms, Nasscom, and other artificial intelligence (AI) professors.

“We will begin drafting the regulations today, and we will have a separate regulation for deepfakes within a very short timeframe.” Detecting a deepfake is critical. “It is critical to distinguish between synthetic and deepfake content,” he added.

Developing responsible AI

A Google spokesperson emphasized the importance of establishing safeguards for synthetic content. They emphasized Google’s ongoing efforts to develop tools and protocols to mitigate risk. “We appreciate the opportunity to meet with the government and industry stakeholders to discuss the need for synthetic content safeguards and to share how we are developing tools and guardrails to address associated risks.” We are committed to continuing this collaboration and sharing our expertise and knowledge in order to achieve our common goal of responsible AI development.”