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TCS partners with Google Cloud to launch its own TCS Generative AI

TCS Generative AI

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced an expanded cooperation with Google Cloud as well as the debut of TCS Generative AI, a new offering. This offering makes use of Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies to develop custom-tailored business solutions that assist clients in accelerating their growth and transformation.

TCS has built a portfolio of AI-powered solutions in areas such as AIOps, Algo Retail, smart manufacturing, digital twins, and robotics, leveraging its expertise across many industry verticals and investments in research and innovation. The company is actively working with clients from a variety of industries to investigate how generative AI might add value in their respective business contexts.

The new service combines Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities, such as Vertex AI, Generative AI Application Builder, and Model Garden, with TCS’s own solutions. TCS will use client-specific knowledge, design thinking, and agile development techniques to interact with clients, rapidly prototype concepts, and produce full-fledged transformation solutions with faster time to value.

TCS Generative AI

These collaborative endeavours will take place at TCS Pace Ports, the company’s co-innovation centres in New York, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. TCS believes that these centres allow clients to interact with academic researchers and startup partners from TCS’s wide innovation ecosystem.

TCS has been investing in expanding its cloud capabilities and now has over 25,000 engineers certified on Google Cloud. Furthermore, the organisation has trained over 50,000 associates in artificial intelligence. To fulfil the projected demand for its new offering, it intends to earn 40,000 skill badges on Google Cloud Generative AI within the year.

TCS President of Enterprise Growth Group Krishnan Ramanujam emphasised the company’s potential to produce novel enterprise-level solutions utilising generative AI and expressed enthusiasm for the cooperation with Google Cloud. TCS’s expertise in business transformation, as well as their commitment to educate thousands of people on Google Cloud Generative AI, was highlighted by Kevin Ichhpurani, Vice President of Global Partner Ecosystems and Channels at Google Cloud.

TCS is committed to delivering cloud-native services and solutions based on emerging technologies such as generative AI, intelligent edge-to-core, and blockchain. Google Cloud has honoured the organisation with honours for comprehensive solutions as well as being named the 2021 Industry Solution Partner of the Year for Retail, the 2021 Global Diversity & Inclusion Partner of the Year, and the 2020 Breakthrough Partner of the Year.