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Go for WFH or open satellite office: Zerodha founder’s advice big cities firms

Go for WFH

Go for WFH or open satellite office: Zerodha’s founder

Nithin Kamath, the creator of Zerodha, has recommended businesses build modest satellite offices or if they can afford it, permit staff to Go for WFH. He asserted that the majority of huge Indian towns were not constructed to accommodate the number of inhabitants they do today and that tragediesare inescapable. He claimed that numerous tiny cities with independent economies are the only effective option. A benefit from Covid, he noted, is that more than half of his crew now resides there. 
The next thing Kamath mentioned was that businesses should encourage teams to work out of smaller towns and cities if they can afford to have them work remotely or through satellite offices. “In this manner, the business can contribute to problem-solving. With greater value for money, greater savings, less time spent in traffic, better work-life balance, and more, the quality of life can increase dramatically “added he. According to Kamath, this is no longer just a theory. “Our crew has finally provided adequate data, many of whom have relocated to Mysuru and Belgavi,” he declared. The founder of Zerodha went on to say that the best thing is that if these people consume locally, it can also help with concerns related to climate change and the creation of livelihoods.

Go for WFH

Following the Covid attack in 2020, the country was placed under total lockdown, requiring businesses to close their doors or permit their staff to work from home (WFH). This quickly became the norm as most businesses and workers adjusted to the transition with little to no productivity loss. However, as the number of Covid cases has decreased, most businesses are now calling their employees to join them in the cities.