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AiDash acquires geospatial farming solutions provider Neurafarms.ai

Geospatial farming solutions provider

Geospatial farming solutions provider Neurafarms.ai

acquired by AiDash

Geospatial farming solutions provider Neurafarms.aiAiDash, a business specializing in satellite operations, AI maintenance, and sustainability solutions, has announced the purchase of Neurafarms.ai, a supplier of geospatial and AI-powered farming solutions, for an unknown sum. 
AiDash wants to expand on its ambition of becoming a global leader in combining satellites and AI to revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core sectors with the addition of Neurafarms.ai’s team and assets. AiDash claims to be actively seeking people who are passionate about fixing these problems. AiDash’s objective of harnessing technology to give actionable information to its clients was shared by Neurafarms.ai. 
Bhavesh Patidar, co-founder of Neurafarms.ai and head of the start-data up’s science breakthroughs, will join AiDash’s Disaster and Disruptions Management System (DDMS), which helps enterprises better manage disaster prediction, detection, and reaction. According to an official handout, Patidar is an IIT BHU alumnus with substantial skills in deep learning, machine learning, satellite image processing, and a passion for addressing real-world business problems across sectors.

Geospatial farming solutions Neurofarms.ai Acquired

“Our goal at Neurofarms.ai was to change the way India uses Earth Observation (EO) data, and I am confident that AiDash’s acquisition will achieve that goal. 
Not only will we achieve our goal, but we will also change the way stakeholders use data for decision-making across industries around the world “Patidar remarked. 
Neurafarms.ai has developed an AI engine that combines data from multiple satellites to provide daily updates on the state of the globe.” “Our EO technology can be utilized across sectors to create risk-optimized outcomes,” he continued. 
Anil Singh, the founder of Neurafarms.ai and its head of research and development, will join AiDash as a Remote Sensing Scientist. 
“We’re ecstatic to welcome Bhavesh Patidar and Dr. Anil Singh to the AiDash team,” stated Rahul Saxena, co-founder, and CTO of AiDash. “We’re excited to see them use their significant experience to improve our products and better fulfill the needs of our customers,” Saxena added.

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