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Geospatial Empowering Rural Women in India


Geospatial Empowers Rural Women

Geospatial – The Bhu-Kaushal, which translates roughly to Geographic Skills, is an Esri India CSR Program for women empowerment that aims to equip rural women with spatial skills and the use of GIS technologies.

With a better awareness of the importance of taking a geographical strategy to problem solving, rural women can work together to solve pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges in their rural communities.

The program’s vision is to skill 10,000 rural women in three years under the umbrella of women empowerment through the promotion of education and livelihood enhancement projects.

Through their CSC centres, CSC Academy’s Learning Management System hosted the Bhu-Kaushal programme in English and Hindi. So far, the programme has been launched in 21 states and 157 districts, with 5128 students receiving certification in the first year. The programme was formally launched in 2021, with the goal of training 10,000 rural women in three years.


The course includes engaging modules that teach students spatial thinking. The modules enable them to gain a fundamental understanding of GIS and its concepts, brush up on their geographic knowledge, identify maps and their applications, and comprehend the fundamentals of geospatial data and its application in their daily lives and in the context of digital systems.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to learn how to lead mapping and analysis solutions. They also learn how to visualise data and perform basic data analysis.