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GE Healthcare launched world’s first 5G Innovation Lab in India

first 5G Innovation Lab

GE Healthcare launches world’s first 5G Innovation Lab

In India, GE Healthcare has opened what it calls the country’s first 5G Innovation Lab. Due to its large bandwidth, fast data speeds, low latency, and extremely dependable connectivity, 5G has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis throughout the patient care continuum. Additionally, the lab aims to modernize remote care and promote collaboration with start-ups, industry, and academia to jointly develop solutions for the future. The lab is located at GE Healthcare’s largest research and development facility outside of the United States, the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) Bengaluru. 
“The healthcare sector is at a tipping point that will place a greater emphasis on connectivity and accessibility, driven by value-based patient care. We must make sure we don’t lose out on vital information while the globe undergoes a digital transformation. The next wave of growth in healthcare will be driven by 5G, which will open up a world of exciting opportunities, according to Jan Makela, President & CEO of Imaging at GE Healthcare. India is a significant market for us globally, and the time is right to enter this market. 
The lab, according to GE, is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a private 5G network for research and development. For academia, the healthcare sector, and start-ups, it offers knowledge and a platform for a collaborative ecosystem, promoting research and enabling validation and qualification of 5G-enabled Precision Healthcare use cases.

First 5G Innovation Lab

According to a survey by research firm MarketsandMarkets, the value of 5G in healthcare was anticipated to be $215 million in 2021 and was expected to grow $3,667 million by 2026. By pushing the boundaries of telehealth, remote health monitoring/diagnosis, real-time remote image processing, and artificial intelligence, 5G high-speed connectivity has the potential to advance Point-of-Care services (AI). By enabling the swift gathering and transmission of big data files and real-time, high-definition video, which can facilitate quicker analytical insights and streamline clinical decision-making, 5G could play a significant role in revolutionizing the patient experience. 
The business claimed that it is also advancing precision health by providing integrated, highly personalized treatment and utilizing its clinical knowledge and skills. The company’s top scientists and technologists will conduct research and create solutions at this 5G Innovation Lab for the world’s and India’s most urgent healthcare problems. 
Girish Raghavan, Vice President, Engineering, GE Healthcare, stated, “This lab will play a critical role in helping us develop an ecosystem to study 5G-enabled application cases and leapfrog into the next generation of MedTech.