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Flipkart’s CSR Triumph in Diverting 3000 Tonnes from Landfills

Flipkart's CSR Triumph

Flipkart’s CSR Triumph – Flipkart Group has taken tremendous steps to solve India’s growing waste problem. It has effectively redirected approximately 4,000 tonnes of non-hazardous solid waste over the previous year across four locations certified as Zero Waste under the Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) program, thanks to its aggressive Zero Waste strategy and acceptance of the circular economy concept. 

TRUE-certified projects, such as Flipkart’s, must adhere to strict resource management standards, diverting at least 90% of a facility’s waste from landfills, incineration, and the environment. Flipkart’s TRUE Gold-certified facilities in Farrukhnagar (Haryana), Uluberia (West Bengal), Malur (Karnataka), and Renaissance (Maharashtra) span 1.8 million square feet. 

Flipkart is still playing an important role in stimulating a circular economy by allowing the beneficial use of resources that would otherwise be disposed as garbage. Flipkart has implemented the ‘Clean Campus’ campaign throughout its warehouses to promote staff education and engagement in trash segregation and ethical consumption.  

In addition, the company collaborates with supply chain partners and local companies to recycle scrap materials rather than sending them to landfills. Flipkart, for example, balances packaging use with scrap disposal by offering package producers with plastic and paper scrap to be reused as raw material for new items.

Flipkart’s CSR Triumph

Flipkart began its Zero Waste journey in 2018 by mapping its waste footprint across sites. Following waste audits and material flow assessments, the company began working toward TRUE Certification for its sites by increasing waste diversion through segregation, maximizing reuse and recycling, and increasing staff awareness. 

Four of Flipkart’s fulfillment sites will be TRUE Gold Certified in 2022, confirming their achievement of over 90% waste diversion and adoption of sustainable materials management methods. These facilities are now Zero Waste benchmarks, paving the path for other Indian e-commerce enterprises to follow suit.

Flipkart has made a significant environmental and social impact with its TRUE Gold Certified Zero Waste facilities: 

The TRUE Gold Certified Zero Waste facilities at Flipkart have had a huge positive impact. Over 4,000 tonnes of waste have been diverted from landfill, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The four facilities exceeded TRUE’s minimal waste diversion rate of 90% by achieving an extraordinary 97% average waste diversion rate. Waste output has been reduced by 75% in comparison to typical warehouses, thanks to strict segregation and material recovery procedures.  

Flipkart has shifted materials management to sustainable approaches focusing on reuse and recycling over 1.8 million square feet of fulfillment center area. Over 500 employees have been educated and empowered to practice responsible consumption and contribute to trash reduction efforts. 

So far, 13 warehouses have been activated to recycle scrap paper back to packaging producers rather than dispose of it. This has allowed Flipkart to repurpose more than half of its total paper scrap volume as raw material, reducing reliance on virgin resources. 

Flipkart has established itself as an eco-conscious commerce pioneer by strategically combining company success with ethical practices, value generation, and environmental care. 

Its Zero Waste journey began simply in 2017 with waste audits and feasibility studies to better understand its waste footprint and find potential for waste reduction. The company then implemented infrastructure and process segregation, used data analytics to optimize material consumption, trained warehouse staff on best practices, and aggressively engaged supplier and partner networks to recycle scrap into profitable applications. 

Flipkart was poised to take the jump by 2021, aiming for Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Zero Waste accreditation for crucial facilities. The rigorous third-party TRUE certification procedure required detailed material flow tracking to validate waste diversion rates and demonstrate the implementation of sustainable materials management. Flipkart successfully collected data for four of its largest fulfillment sites, which span nearly two million square feet and illustrate the company’s comprehensive waste reduction strategies. 

Data on quality and quantity confirmed the continued diversion of more than 90% of landfill items. Each facility was audited by a trained team of TRUE auditors who were tasked with doing a variety of tasks, including checking the correct classification techniques, gathering information on how the procedures occur, and assessing the level of preparedness of staff members, among others. The dedication of the management was proven by a systematic approach to incorporating Zero-waste within the Flipkart company. 

From 2018 to 2022, four sites were awarded the best TRUE gold designation by Flipkart following a thorough evaluation. This positioned Flipkart, along with other environmentally conscious firms, to lead India’s green frontier. 

In this sense, Flipkart aims to establish a precedent for other Indian enterprises in terms of ethical operations while also increasing revenues. 

Its Zero Waste journey and TRUE Certifications were recognized by Peter Templeton, President and CEO of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), who stated that Flipkart’s program is exceptional since it works to the advantage of its employees, neighbors, and consumers worldwide.