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Flipkart Ventures to invest in 6 early-stage startups

Flipkart Ventures

Flipkart Ventures to invest in start-ups

Under its accelerator programme, Flipkart Leap Ahead, Flipkart Ventures, the $100 million venture fund established by e-commerce giant Flipkart, is investing in six early-stage start-ups. The programme will offer assistance on growth, scalability, and disruptive technologies in accordance with the Digital India strategy, it added, with an aim to provide mentorship to these early-stage start-ups.

According to Flipkart Ventures, the six start-ups will receive specialized programmes designed by Bain & Company as well as equity investments worth up to $500,000. Each of the six companies is addressing a particular issue statement and the present requirements of online buyers and sellers while working to build capabilities across a broad variety of solutions. The experiences of buyers and sellers can be enhanced by a metaverse with virtual stores, robotic supply chain solutions, fashion cataloging powered by AI, business optimization powered by data analytics, data-based freight intelligence, and other features.

Flipkart Ventures Ltd

As part of our ongoing efforts to support India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Flipkart Leap Ahead will help startups grow their companies and create useful solutions to difficult challenges in the consumer internet and technology ecosystem. By expanding our programme each year and providing growth chances to budding entrepreneurs, we hope to be a catalyst in the expanding startup community.

The six startups are as follows:

Dopplr – Metaverse: Offers brands immersive virtual storefronts as a service, helped by Al-driven apparel personalization and presentation.

A blockchain-based insurtech and health engagement application called Livwell offers millennials inexpensive, bite-sized insurance options.

Solutions for LogisticsNow (LoRRI): A nationwide logistics grid will be built using a digital logistics platform (LoRRI) on the B2B transport value chain.


A deeptech startup at the nexus of ComptuerVision and fashion e-commerce is AI – Automated Catalogs.

Robotic fulfilment is a service provided by Rightbot Technologies, a full-stack robotics automation platform.