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Finance start-up GetVantage to expand SaaS segment

finance start-up GetVantage

Revenue-based finance start-up GetVantage eyes SaaS segment

Finance start-up GetVantage has broadened its core areas of focus beyond the D2C space to the expanding B2B SaaS space. GetVantage is a leading revenue-based financing fintech and growth platform for digital businesses. 
The finance platform from GetVantage will offer rapid cash advances to SaaS enterprises in the form of equity-free funding. While waiting, SaaS customers can use their predictable revenue to acquire non-dilutive financing that scales with them on demand. 
Over 1,150 active companies in the Indian SaaS market will generate over $8 billion in revenue overall in 2021, reflecting the industry’s recent acceleration in growth. More crucially, the Chiratae-Zinnov India SaaS report titled “India SaaS – Punching Through the Global Pecking Order” predicts that it would surpass $100 billion by 2026. 
Currently, more than 25% of Finance start-up GetVantage‘s portfolio consists of B2B SaaS & subscription-based businesses. After implementing GetVantage’s capital gateway solution for a few months, these firms had an average increase in sales of 150%.

Finance start-up GetVantage

Interestingly, Finance start-up GetVantage does not require a fixed amount, high-variable interest rates, collateral, personal guarantees, or stock in order for founders to make flexible monthly payments that are intended to match the natural variation in the company’s earnings. 
Modern companies of all sizes require modern financing solutions, according to Bhavik Vasa, GetVantage’s founder and CEO. 
GetVantage assists SaaS businesses in maximizing their most valuable resource: recurring revenue streams. An enormous opportunity exists due to the rapidly changing and expanding financial needs of Indian SaaS companies. We anticipate funding hundreds of SaaS and subscription-based firms, which will account for more than 35% of our revenue over the next 12 months, as investments in digital transformation are expected to continue.