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FICCI, Meta to Enable 500,000 Women Entrepreneurs digitally


FICCI And Meta To Enable Women Entrepreneurs

Leveraging social media platforms for women-led small and medium businesses was the focus of a workshop organized by FICCI and Meta in collaboration with FLO Hyderabad and We Hub. The cooperation between Meta’s #SheMeansBusiness programme and FICCI-‘Empowering FLO’s the Greater50’ aim to digitally enable 500,000 women entrepreneurs across India marked the beginning of a series of offline interactions to be organized around India. Additionally, professional trainers would deliver online sessions via the Greater50 Facebook page.

Unexploited female entrepreneurship has the potential to greatly speed up India’s economic development. The goal of the course is to teach female entrepreneurs how to use social media to grow their businesses while also gaining a thorough understanding of digital tools and important facets of digital marketing. Participants in the event also received practical instruction on how to use the chatbot for WhatsApp called Meta Business Coach.

Dr. Sangita Reddy, former president of FICCI and joint managing director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprises, welcomed the participants and noted that the #SheMeansBusiness programme of Meta and FICCI’s Empowering the Greater50 mission “fully recognize the importance of technology, especially social media, to enable a supportive environment for women-led SMBs to grow and sustain.” She stated that the power of connecting and utilizing technology to empower women is naturally coming to us and that India is progressing at a fantastic pace on its quest to being a digitally empowered society.

FICCI and Meta

Principal Secretary for Industries, Commerce, and IT, Sri Jayesh Ranjan, stated that “today, successful entrepreneurship demands digital skills and a thirst for innovation. New business models are made possible by the digitalization of manufacturing processes and the adoption of digital tools and technology by industry, which also makes it easier to realize entrepreneurial ventures.

“In an ecosystem to further women entrepreneurship, collaborative efforts between key players and enablers are the sole methods to strengthen the avenues accessible for women entrepreneurs to achieve a well-rounded development,” said Ms. Deepthi Ravula, CEO of WE Hub. In light of this, we can proudly state that the affiliation between WE Hub and FICCI demonstrates a dedication to this concept. She also commended Meta for participating in the effort to expand the number of female businesses.

Speaking at the event was Ms. Shubhra Maheshwari, Chairperson of the FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter, who emphasized the significance of digital platforms for women-owned companies. Madhu Singh Sirohi, Head of Policy Programs and Outreach, India, at Meta, also took part in the event.