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FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam gets The Loomba Foundation award for CSR Leadership

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam receives The Loomba Foundation award

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam – Raj Subramaniam, President and Chief Executive Officer of the FedEx Corporation, received an award for “Leadership in Social Responsibility” from The Rt. Hon. Lord Loomba of Moor Park, CBE, Founder and Chairman Trustee of The Loomba Foundation, during a special luncheon and ceremony at the House of Lords in London. 
The event was sponsored by the Loomba Foundation, a global UN-accredited NGO that works to improve widows’ lives, in honour of FedEx Corporation’s remarkable and sustained commitment to social responsibility through a variety of international ESG projects. This involves a lot of collaboration with nonprofit organizations, commitment to initiatives that promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality, and investment in bringing about change for international populations. 
In front of an audience of distinguished visitors, Subramaniam accepted his award and expressed his gratitude to The Loomba Foundation and all attendees, including the Rt. Hon. Baroness Verma and the Rt. Hon. Lord Desai, for coming together to support widows and their families around the world.

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam

I am honoured to collect this award on behalf of FedEx, said Raj Subramaniam, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Corporation. Our team works around the clock to keep the world moving ahead, much as The Loomba Foundation is committed to improving the lives of widows and their families. We are grateful to Lord Loomba and all of The Foundation’s supporters for their support over the past 25 years as well as the award they received today. 
In a statement, Lord Raj Loomba CBE, the founder and chairman trustee of The Loomba Foundation, said: “I am honoured to present Raj Subramaniam with this meritorious award. In his short time as CEO, he has already demonstrated outstanding and inspirational leadership in advancing FedEx‘s commitment to ESG through a number of significant causes, making it a genuine worldwide leader in social responsibility. 
“A hearty congratulations to Raj Subramaniam and FedEx Corporation on getting this accolade for his excellent achievements to social responsibility efforts,” continued Harjiv Singh, Trustee of The Loomba Foundation and Founder & CEO of Gutenberg. We are immensely appreciative of Raj and FedEx for setting the bar high for CSR. 
The International Widows Day, which was legally recognised by the UN in 2010 after years of lobbying, is the next major milestone for The Loomba Foundation, which celebrated its 25th year of championing the cause of widows on June 23 this year. Over £60,000 was successfully raised that evening to support families, including women and their children, who were escaping war-torn Ukraine and coming to live in the UK.