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Eyesafe unveils award winning advanced blue light display technology at CES 2023 in Las Vegas


Eyesafe unveils blue light display technology

It is thought that eye damage is brought on by a continuous increase in exposure to the blue light that technologies like laptops, cellphones, and tablets emit. EyeSafe, a leader in blue light mitigation standards, technology, and solutions, is using blue light to enhance display performance in response to this very worry. BenQ was the first business to collaborate with Eyesafe, and as a result, Eyesafe DTX monitor was unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

The company created Eyesafe DTX to demonstrate that the days of reducing blue light at the price of colour performance are now a thing of the past. High-energy blue light is used and recycled within the display stack to create brightness and colour, providing superior blue light protection without causing colour distortion, lowering toxicity, and enhancing overall display performance. The business claims that Eyesafe DTX is a unique hardware innovation that enables display manufacturers to lessen the toxicity of blue light while enhancing display performance.


This technology, in contrast to other LED options, is a customized option calibrated to match the unique needs of each brand or manufacturing partner. Additionally, Eyesafe DTX is the only solution created in collaboration with the top ophthalmologists and optometrists in the world, in contrast to other conventional methods of reducing hazardous blue light emissions.

BenQ will achieve the best level of blue light protection on the market with Eyesafe DTX. The Radiance Protection Factor (RPF) of BenQ’s Eyesafe DTX monitor, which measures the level of high-energy blue light reduction in digital displays, is 70, making it one of the greatest blue light protections currently offered in the market.

It is also one of the eight products in the Computer Hardware and Components category of the CES Innovation Showcase. Even the Eyesafe DTX received a 2023 CES Innovation Award.