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Elon Musk to start charging money for blue tick from next week

Elon Musk

Elon Musk to take money for blue tick from next week

By the following Monday, Elon Musk will begin charging for the Twitter Blue subscription. According to a recent rumour, the firm intends to roll out the updated authentication procedure and the $8 Twitter Blue subscription by the end of the next week. Twitter has seen a lot of changes in the past week under Musk. However, this will be the biggest yet for users.

According to a Bloomberg article that quotes people familiar with the situation, Musk is implementing his plan by making the new Twitter Blue feature live the next week. With this modification, he hopes to raise money for his campaign against bots and false accounts.

Elon Musk

What about current owners of blue tick verified status?

For a grace time, verified holders who already have an account can utilise it. This grace period could last for several months. According to a previous rumour, Musk would give users of verified accounts 90 days to switch to the new Twitter Blue membership scheme.

Twitter Blue cost

For users in the US, Musk has proposed a subscription cost of $8 per month. The business will modify the price account for other markets to reflect the relevant buying power parities (PPPs). The cost in India could be between Rs 150 and Rs 200. (by just accounting for PPP).

The launch date has not been confirmed by Elon Musk. However, it appears that Twitter staff members are working nonstop to implement some of these features. According to earlier reports, Musk reportedly gave the engineers until November 7 to complete all the adjustments, failing which they would be fired.

Since Musk’s Twitter takeover one week ago

Just one week has passed since Musk took control of Twitter. However, the site is undergoing a sea of changes, from a new moderation council that will be established to a revised Twitter verification mechanism. The business still employs all of its former executives. After the acquisition, Musk dismissed the entire board of directors. He currently serves as Twitter’s CEO and sole director.