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ELGi North America partners with Digi-Bridge to promote STEAM education

ELGi North America

ELGi North America (ELGi) has teamed with Digi-Bridge, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers. Digi-Bridge, a non-profit organization, provides kids with hands-on, technology-based (STEAM) science, technology, engineering, arts, and math experiences, ensuring they are well-equipped to flourish in a fast changing world. As part of the collaboration, ELGi provides after-school STEAM programming to the Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy. The collaboration began with ELGi staff participating in a group exercise to disassemble and organize LEGO robotic kits for the pupils. 

“We’re excited to join forces with ELGi, an engineering-driven company that shares our values and vision for a future where all children have equal access to educational opportunities,” said Piper Barnes, Development Director at Digi-Bridge. “Together, we look forward to expanding our efforts and impacting more children.” 

ELGi North America

“At ELGi, we believe in promoting development and growth through targeted community outreach programs that have a transformative impact on those who truly need it.” Our collaboration with Digi-Bridge will deliver unique and exciting experiences for children in the Charlotte area, stimulating their intellectual curiosity in STEAM areas. STEAM education has been shown to develop critical thinkers, who will become the next generation of innovators.” Elgi Equipments Ltd. Executive Director Anvar Varadaraj remarked. 

ELGi intends to expand its relationship with Digi-Bridge in the future by providing students with mentorship opportunities and arranging hands-on workshops. These projects seek to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world settings for pupils. Furthermore, ELGi intends to conduct field excursions to its Charlotte, North America location, allowing students to connect with industry leaders and experience a modern workplace. 

Digi-Bridge, which began in 2014, has offered more than 17,000 kids with technology-based, hands-on STEAM activities. This is accomplished through STEAM and robotic programming in collaboration with various schools and community partners.