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DRDO to get KILO class submarine from Indian Navy

submarine from Indian Navy

DRDO to receive KILO class submarine from Indian Navy

Submarine from Indian Navy – New Delhi: The Indian Navy will provide DRDO with a KILO class submarine to test the Electric Propulsion motor, Li-ion battery, AIP, and other technologies. This submarine will serve as a test bed for next-generation systems and components for the development of 12 indigenous submarines. These submarines will begin production in 2030. 
Formalities are being worked out for the transfer of a Kilo-class submarine, which will be drydocked and utilised as a test platform for the prototype Lithium-Ion battery system with a Battery Management System (BMS) to confirm its energy output and discharge rates. 
The AIP technology developed by DRDO is based on a Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell that has already been demonstrated on a land-based prototype. DRDO had proposed that the Navy loan them a Kilo-class submarine to be used as a research vessel for the AIP system, but it may now be fully converted into a research vessel for many of the systems. The indigenous 5MW Electric Propulsion motor could be the next in line for future propulsion system testing. 

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