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Dr. Swaminathan Chandramouli’s ‘Doctor on Wheels’ Initiative Revolutionizes Healthcare for Seniors

Doctor on Wheels

Mumbai, India: Dr. Swaminathan Chandramouli, a dedicated medical professional from Madurai, has successfully introduced a groundbreaking healthcare initiative called ‘Doctor on Wheels’ (DOW). Launched in June 2019, DOW aims to bridge gaps in senior healthcare access by delivering vital medical services directly to the doorsteps of elderly individuals in India.

Operated from a modified Maruti Eeco ambulance, termed a “mini ICU on wheels,” the program offers comprehensive geriatric health check-ups. Dr. Chandramouli and his team address various health concerns during home visits, providing holistic care for issues like leg fluid retention, urinary tract infections, and bed sores.

The initiative was born out of Dr. Chandramouli’s personal experiences and the unmet medical needs of his late grandmother. Witnessing the challenges faced by seniors who struggled to travel to hospitals regularly, he envisioned a solution to inject ease, dignity, and personalized care into their healthcare journeys.

Initially focusing on Madurai, DOW has evolved significantly, attending to over 600 elderly patients monthly. The program operates efficiently with a dedicated team, conducting regular follow-ups and implementing an appointment-only system to streamline services.

Overcoming challenges, including extensive fieldwork hours and financial constraints, DOW has expanded its reach beyond Madurai, serving regions like Virudhunagar, Sivaganga, and Dindigul districts. The mobile clinic charges based on distances traveled per trip, ensuring operational self-sustainability while providing unconditional waivers for those unable to afford payments.

Doctor on Wheels

The services offered are comprehensive, ranging from consultations and treatments to post-hospitalization support, diagnostic test coordination, and physiotherapy. Dr. Chandramouli emphasizes that the mobile clinic is not a replacement for hospitals but acts as an ecosystem enhancement, connecting hospitals and homes.

Despite the hurdles faced, DOW remains committed to delivering quality healthcare services for seniors. Dr. Chandramouli envisions the initiative as a beacon for sustainable, inclusive elderly care across India, with potential applications in innovative setups like integrated Elder Living-cum-Healthcare Facilities and nurse-on-wheel services.

The ‘Doctor on Wheels’ initiative has not only transformed the lives of hundreds of marginalized elderly citizens in Madurai but also holds promise for reshaping aging experiences on a national scale.