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Disha Classes of NTPC, Bongaigaon is giving employment to nearby youth

Disha Classes

Disha Classes is providing employment to youth

The CSR, CISF Wing of NTPC Bongaigaon, e-VOICE group of Helping Hands, and Disha Classes collaborated to organize a day-long Career Counseling Cum Training Workshop for 195 interested youngsters living nearby NTPC Bongaigaon with the aim of generating employment prospects. In the presence of Shri Karunakar Das, Business Unit Head of NTPC Bongaigaon, Shri G.M.Thangzom, Deputy Commandant, CISF, Ms. Kirti Yadav, Asst. Commandant, CISF, Shri Bhaskar Gupta, DGM (HR), and members of the Disha Classes, the programme was officially launched. Speaking at the event, Shri Das emphasized the importance of three qualities: discipline, awareness, and dedication. These qualities are needed to select young people for various competitive exams. He emphasized the fact that NTPC is giving the youngsters this special opportunity.

Shri G.M.Thangzom, Deputy Commandant, CISF, NTPC Bongaigaon, and Ms. Kirti Yadav, Asst. Commandant, CISF later gave a presentation on the recruitment strategies and tactics for selection in the various armed forces across the nation. The pupils shown interest in the training by asking them questions. The curriculum of the classes to be offered this year was discussed before by NTPC Bongaigaon employees Shri Diwakar Mishra and Shri Brahmananda Sama.

Disha Classes

The Disha class was created by the NTPC Bongaigaon e-VOICE team with the goal of empowering the district’s local youth through various employment opportunities. This team has always worked to ensure the area’s holistic development. Since 2019, the e-VOICE helping hands team has been providing education to prepare the youth for various competitive exams in the armed, defence, state, and central paramilitary forces, with the physical training being provided by CISF posted at the power plant, through its Disha classes taught by NTPC employees. Employees of NTPC who are part of Disha Classes have given time outside of office hours to instruct and prepare students for the tests.

To help and equip students (both girls and boys) from adjacent villages of Salakati, Kokrajhar for various physical training activities, various sports equipment, study infrastructure, etc. are occasionally offered. It is important to note that 15 of the students in this fourth batch will be engaged in the state and federal armed forces after completing the training for a month. The classes continued online in a variety of ways throughout COVID.

Employees from all sectors are invited to volunteer for various community-based activities under the umbrella of EVOICE, an organisation that attempts to integrate the CSR agenda. NTPC personnel at several stations founded EVOICE, which supports the company’s CSR programmes. More than 30 E-VOICEs across the nation receive active contributions from NTPC staff members.