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Director Debasish Acharya visited Korba Coalfields

Korba Coalfields

Debasish Acharya visits Korba Coalfields

Korba Coalfields –

Executive Personnel During his visit to the Korba Coalfields, Mr. Debasish Acharya met with leaders of the Area Shram Sangh, the Union SC-ST-OBC Association, and other organisations at Gevra Mega Project.

After that, he had a tour of the Gevra Open Cast Mine and watched the activities. The Nehru Shatabdi Hospital in Gevra was examined by him. In addition to reviewing the hospital’s amenities, he asked about the patients’ wellbeing. He then departed for Dipka.

During the Gevra tour, general manager Mr. SK Mohanty and regional personnel manager Mr. S. Parida played significant roles.

Mr. Acharya met with the department heads, members of the regional joint advisory committee, the regional welfare committee, the regional security committee, and members of the SISTA/Council in the Dipka area to discuss the welfare activities.

He listened to the needs, issues, and recommendations of the employees during his chat with the regional reps and vowed to act quickly on the information he had learned.

During the tour of the headquarters in the Dipka area, the regional general manager, Mr. Ranjan Prasad Sah, the general manager (office/administration/welfare), Dr. KS George, the regional personnel manager, Mr. G.L.N. Durga Prasad, the heads of departments, officers, office bearers, and employees of labour organisations were present.