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Dabur India honored for transforming 190 Govt schools to model schools

Dabur India

Dabur India honored for transforming Govt. schools

Adarsh Pathshala-Ek Nai Pahal, a creative CSR effort by Dabur India Limited, was honoured at the 11th India CSR Awards, which were hosted in New Delhi on December 17, 2022. The Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility is Recognized by the India CSR Awards.

45,000 students have benefited from Dabur’s transformation of more than 190 public schools into model institutions throughout 12 districts and 7 states.

In the presence of Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government, Planning, Program Monitoring & Statistics Dept., Government of Karnataka, and Rusen Kumar, Founder and Managing Editor of India CSR Leadership Summit, the organization was honored by Chief Guest Shri R.K. Sinha, Hon’ble Former Rajya Sabha Member and, Founder & CMD of Security & Intelligence Services (India) Limited (SIS).

The Chief Guest commended businesses for their efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The company’s CSR initiative “Adarsh Pathshala-Ek Nai Pahal,” through which it transforms government schools into “model schools” in rural India, was named the winner in the education category.

The path to a better life and the foundation for assuring the general advancement of society are both provided by education. An important component of Dabur’s development plan is its educational initiatives. Dabur has been updating the facilities in rural Indian schools as part of this effort to improve the learning environment and experience for the students there.

Dabur India

Dabur has been trying to renovate outdated government schools into models by developing new facilities and improving the infrastructure as part of the “Adarsh Pathshala – Ek Nai Pahal” initiative. This has also assisted in boosting student enrollment and halting dropout rates in certain schools.

Dabur converted 43 government schools into model schools in FY 2021–2022, which benefited 7,574 pupils from underserved social groups. More than 190 government schools in 12 districts and 7 states have been converted by Dabur to model schools. 45,000 kids have benefited from the initiative.

In addition, the “Desert Bloom” project on neighborhood-based water conservation initiatives in Newai (Rajasthan) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) was recognised as the winner in the water category.

With annual revenues of over INR 10,800 crore and a market valuation of over INR 100,000 crore, Dabur India is a top fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm in India. It is renowned for creating over 250 herbal and Ayurvedic goods and is regarded as a reliable supplier of natural products.