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Amit Shah says, Cyber security integral to national security

Cyber security integral

Cyber security integral to national security – Amit Shah

Amit Shah, the union home minister, stated on Monday that cyber security integral to maintaining national security and that the Narendra Modi administration is committed to strengthening it. Speaking at a symposium on “cyber safety and national security,” Shah stated that since technology is being embraced at all levels in India, it will be difficult for the nation to maintain cyber security. 
We are all aware of the importance of cyber security and how it can help India advance. 
Without cyber security, India cannot advance. The Modi government is committed to make cyber security robust since it is essential to national security “added he. 
According to the home minister, everyone is aware that the misuse of cyberspace is nothing new and that several cybercrimes, such as virus attacks, phishing scams, attacks on vital infrastructure, data theft, online financial fraud, and child pornography, are frequently observed. 
According to him, the frequency of these crimes is predicted to rise soon. Shah also highlighted statistics showing the rise in reported cybercrimes in the nation. 
“In 2012, a total of 3,377 cybercrimes were reported; by 2020, that figure will rise to 50,000. 
There may have been thousands of cybercrimes that went unreported. We’re determined to establish the world’s safest cyber environment “said he. According to the home minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs developed a reporting facility for cybercrimes roughly three years ago, and 11 lakh various types of cybercrimes have been filed there to date.

Cyber security integral

In addition, he added, the platform had received more than two lakh complaints against social media. “Given that 80 crore Indians are currently online, this will rise over the next several days. This is a large quantity, and as data prices decline, more users will sign up, “added he. According to Shah, the government aims to advance digitization while also ensuring that India has a secure online environment.

He claimed that the goal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to give every Indian technology empowerment, and that both empowerment and technological advancement have occurred as a result of digitization. The home minister said that 130 crore people in the nation are receiving benefits from the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) programme as a result of technology. “This is a significant change for a nation like India. We just could not consider it prior to 2014 because 60 crore families in the nation lacked a bank account. They didn’t even have a bank account, so forget about sending benefits online “explained he. According to Shah, in order to receive assistance, citizens had to jump through hoops and deal with corruption.