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CSR of Sankalp hosts food festival for girl child education

CSR of Sankalp

CSR of Sankalp hosts food festival for education

CSR of Sankalp – Khan Paan Dukaan is a food festival organized by Hyderabad-based Sathguru Management Consultants’ CSR division, Sankalp, to encourage the education of girls. The Sathguru associates participate in this unusual food festival by cooking and serving to advance the causes of increasing vulnerable girl children’s access to school and raising awareness of child sexual abuse.

The food is cooked by Sathguru personnel and sponsors including Minerva Grand and City Chefs Catering Service and includes a variety of cuisines including Indian, continental, Chinese, and chat. At the occasion, Sankalp helped kids display their models of science and technology. The staff also sets up game booths to encourage enjoyment and amusement among the attendees.

This year, nearly 1000 socially aware individuals attended the event. Sankalp will provide more than 500 girls with scholarships and support thanks to the money raised at the event and other donations, and it will also hold prevention-focused sessions in 15 schools.

The Sathguru staff, alumni, family, friends, donors, and like-minded locals all participated in the festival with enthusiasm. The visitors got to interact with the Sankalp kids and see some of their incredible talent.

CSR of Sankalp

The experience of volunteering for a social cause that has the potential to significantly alter the lives of thousands of girl children was energizing for the Sathguru crew. The employees enjoyed every aspect of the event, from deciding what to serve to serving the last dish and everything in between. The event served as both a break from their regular routines and a chance for engagement with guests, which strengthened their social skills and confidence.

The founder of Sankalp, Ms. Hemalatha Vijayaraghan, has occasionally spoken about how delighted she is to see so many socially conscious individuals supporting the organization’s initiatives. That people feel responsible for improving societies for children is a lovely gesture.

People gave generously online for the cause of establishing safe communities and expanding access to education for girls, in addition to flocking to the food festival and supporting our causes. We were able to raise $500,000, which will allow us to cover 100 kids’ partial tuition. Nevertheless, we provide financial support for 500 kids each year through payroll giving from Sathguru associates, corporate gifts, and other individual donations.

I’m glad that our team members are not just subject matter experts and business gurus, but also socially conscious people who never ignore the concerns of vulnerable populations.