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Wiley India’s CSR initiatives to make every youth Atmanirbhar

Wiley India’s CSR initiatives to make every youth Atmanirbhar

Wiley India’s CSR initiatives to make every youth Atmanirbhar

Wiley India’s CSR initiatives to make every youth Atmanirbhar – Education and research firm Wiley India has launched a skilling campaign on the occasion of its 21st anniversary. The CSR campaign aims at making the youth of our country Atmanirbhar and resonates with the brand’s philosophy to assist people to develop the talents and knowledge they have to succeed.

In a diverse country like India, where education and more importantly, vocation, remains prioritized for the male member of the families, WileyNXT brings forth #TechitLikeHer – a scholarship program to final year female students who are yet to secure jobs.

COVID-19 not only wreaked havoc on the medical ecosystem but it pushed poverty, hunger, and years of welfare work done by the countries backward by decades. Yet they assert no effort is just too small and no dream unachievable to form a difference. Wiley India has been of service to the community not only in terms of providing economic help but also to equip the community with the proper tools and skill set that might give them freedom and respect in society often bear the brunt of social evils and hence are the foremost vulnerable section of our society. to guard them and to form them independent is at the core of our model. Understanding permanent value skilling adds to improving the standard of life,” says MD Vikas Gupta, believes that CSR efforts should be ready to add permanent value to the lifetime of people in order that they can’t only improve their lifestyle but contribute to the society they live. Hence, our CSR projects are supported by a sustainable model of remodeling lives from a grassroots level, with an aim for independence.”

“This initiative is in alignment with WileyNXT‘s vision to make ‘best in class’ bridge education ecosystem to develop the workforce of the digital transformation era and convey women to play a crucial role in it,” he added.
Wiley India has been ready to impact 11000 families with Project Swayam and transform the lives of roughly 400 orphaned and rescued girls of Little Star Home.

Project Swayam

Wiley together with Jagriti – an NGO operating within the Kali Basti slum, Uttam Nagar, designed a well thought out space for youngsters from low-income families, to offer them hope for a far better future.

Wiley initially contributed towards infrastructure development and has been taking care of running and maintenance of an equivalent by giving grant money of Rs. 1 lakh. to assist the scholars with a greater chance at employability, a valediction event for all the individuals trained is held once a year where they’re awarded a certificate in fact completion and a carpenter’s kit for Makeup and Grooming and Mobile Repair. Wiley has to date has helped 11,000 families.

Little Star

An all-girls orphanage, Little Star gives home to women rescued from trafficking, flesh trade, and lots of other social injustices. albeit nothing can catch up on their trauma, Wiley does its bit by empowering those girls of the orphanage with a group of skills and tools which will help them revisit on their feet and accept respect and transformed 400 precious lives in the women of the small Star have begun to shine and convey laurels in horse riding and shooting to start out with at both district and national levels.

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