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Solar Power As CSR Lights Up Temple In Sri Lanka Now

Solar Power As CSR Lights Up Temple In Sri Lanka Now

Solar Power As CSR Lights Up Temple In Sri Lanka Now

Solar Power As CSR Lights Up Temple In Sri Lanka Now – Sri Lanka, which in any case has awesome climate conditions for solar power generation, is at last changing, and evolving quick. Close behind the public authority making arrangements to increase sustainable power generation from solar and wind, comes this account of a firm utilizing Solar energy as a CSR drive at a sanctuary. Roof solar is as of now in center this year, making reason for a bigger push as neighborhood aptitude and assets grow further.

S.L.A.M Power Solutions (Pvt ) Ltd., FIMER’s selective divert accomplice in Sri Lanka, has given a solar power framework to Rathmalana Piyarathanarama Temple. The Piyarathanarama consecrated sanctuary as it is prominently called is a Buddhist sanctuary arranged in Attidiya close to Colombo is an imperative strict help and backing supplier to its close by local area people.

To assist the sanctuary with dealing with its power charges, FIMER provided its UNO-DM-5kW inverter through S.L.A.M Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd who gave a 5kW sunlight based PV framework as a part of its yearly CSR program.

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In the sanctuary, there are around eight priests dwelling at present alongside one more gathering of “Dayaka” individuals. The sanctuary was confronting high power bills and because of lacking assets, had moved toward Manoj Tharaka, Director of S.L.A.M Power Solutions, for a practical answer for check rising power costs. S.L.A.M Power evaluated the necessities of the sacred spot and chose to give the whole arrangement of 5kW to the sanctuary specialists.

FIMER’s UNO-DM-5kW inverter was picked for this venture.

Chirag Wijenayake, Director of Green Light Solar Lanka, who was the EPC worker for hire for this venture, accentuated the nature of items alongside neighborhood guarantee taking care of and after deals administration.

KN Sreevatsa, Country Managing Director (India) says “At FIMER, we accept not just in giving customized answers for the client’s greatest advantage however we additionally prefer to “Have an effect” to their lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our view of the world suddenly. It persuasively prodded everybody into rehashing the way they live and work.

At FIMER, we are reexamining approaches to mitigate a part of this harm through friendly obligation drives. It is the ideal opportunity for us to effectively take a step at how we can reward society without disregarding friendly separating standards.”

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