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Hatching Hope global CSR initiative empowers 30,000 smallholder women farmers

Hatching Hope global CSR initiative empowers 30,000 smallholder women farmers

Hatching Hope global CSR initiative empowers 30,000 smallholder women farmers in India

Hatching Hope global CSR initiative empowers 30,000 smallholder women farmers – Heifer International together with positively impacting Cargill and international development organization came along for local communities in India through the Hatching Hope Global Initiative as this project aims to enhance nutrition and income levels through backyard poultry farming, and launched in November 2018, with highly increased consumption of poultry products in Mayurbhanj, Odisha.

Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger, Hatching Hope has thus far impacted over 30,000 farmer households through improved backyard poultry production, leading to better flock health and nutrition across 1.5 million people within the district over two years with bird size and improving income.
Traditionally driven by women farmers, supporting backyard poultry production by Hatching Hope enhances gender equity across rural households in India.

The program has already trained over 1,600 Self Help Groups (SHG) to strengthen women-led institutions and facilitated the building of the latest SHGs which will provide their members access to information, services and support needed to start out their business for women’s economic independence, Hatching Hope supports women farmers to become successful poultry producers, earn a living income and improve resilience for his or her communities.

Preliminary data collected on consumption and sale patterns from about 100 farmers suggests that the typical consumption of protein-rich food per household has been approximately 20% higher from the previous year. This increase might be related to improved awareness of nutritional benefits for promoted through the mass media campaign, augmenting accessibility of poultry production within the region. Adoption of improved production techniques has also supported farmers to avoid volatility in consumption and sale during unfavourable market conditions or disasters, thus making them more resilient about how Hatching Hope has been helping women backyard poultry farmers and lifting communities out of poverty in Odisha said Imre Havasi, director of Cargill’s Animal Nutrition business in India described that the initiative, Cargill and Heifer have successfully been ready to help farmers become sustainable, efficient animal producers & successful entrepreneurs, who are actively participating within the poultry value chain by enhancing poultry feed with the establishment of 30 small-scale feed mills at the community level in Odisha as they developed formula by the Heifer and Cargill India technical teams, the mills produce a locally prepared, high -quality and affordable feed mix that improves the health and weight of birds, while cultivating business opportunities for local producer entrepreneurs to satisfy the demand for poultry feed. With the rise of farmers to become efficient producers and aware consumers, Hatching Hope has supported smallholder which has ensured sustainable incomes and food security for the foremost vulnerable producer communities,” said Avni Malhotra, country director of Heifer India. “This change has been possible through Heifer’s partnership development to extend investing in women-led institutions and promote entrepreneurship opportunities for ladies at the community level.”

Hatching Hope is additionally piloting small-scale hatcheries to extend poultry production by reducing the brooding period. The program also trains farmers in developing backyard poultry production as a closed corporation and establishing Farmer Producer Organizations while connecting them to the poultry value chain by improving market access.

Through mass media and advocacy campaigns, communities in over 400 villages in Mayurbhanj are educated about the nutritional benefits of poultry consumption. Further leveraging digital platforms and mass media channels this may be scaled to succeed in up to three .2 million people in newer geographies in Odisha by 2022. Innovative tools like android application ‘Storyteller’, IoT toys, and digital talking comics are being developed to maximize reach across local communities like farmers in India, Mexico, and Kenya, Hatching Hope aims to enhance the nutrition and economic livelihoods of 100 million people globally by 2030 through production, promotion, and consumption of poultry shall reach 62 million people.

Cargill’s run through this CSR program is simply one example of how the corporate is functioning with nonprofit and NGO partners around the globe to make sure people have access to nutritious food. Across all the communities where Cargill’s employees live and work, the corporate provided quite 39 million meals to global and native bank partners this past financial year. Cargill employees remain committed and energized to assist ensure food security for his or her neighbors through personal and company monetary contributions paired with product donations.

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