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CSR on International Day of the Girl Child 2020

CSR on International Day of the Girl Child 2020
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CSR on International Day of the Girl Child 2020

CSR on International Day of the Girl Child 2020 – Today may be a day of celebration and activism; International Day of the Girl Child 2020 within the midst of an epidemic brings education and empowerment of women to the fore.

Across the planet and particularly in India, research has indicated that educating girls has far-reaching, positive effects. Educated girls tend to marry later, have fewer children, feed them better, and are presumably to supply education for his or her children.

With the power to bring socio-economic changes and thru this initiative, CSR leaders on International Day of the Girl Child 2020 aims to supply support to the cause and help in bringing a positive change to the planet to CARE, Nuvoco has worked at making a responsible and sustainable contribution to society. One such cause is offering girls and ladies the chance to enhance their circumstances by providing access to nutrition, education, and employment. On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child 2020, whose annual campaign promotes ‘My voice, our equal future.’; we at Nuvoco feel privileged towards necessary transformational journey in gender equality.”
CSR programmes for the women in India special emphasis on girls in their health and education initiatives for CSR Nuvoco, Star Suvarna, LG Electronics, Mahindra & Mahindra who are tailoring programs for girls and young women.

The girls hail from urban, rural and tribal areas of the country, sometimes deeply remote, with little access to a faculty with better approach to the explanation for girl child education, by not only addressing the requirements of Kanyas within the Academic Support Centres and ensuring attendance and good results but also engaging with their families and other stakeholders to create ownership among the community.

Titan’s partnership with Nanhi Kali, travel by the KC Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) together with the Naandi Foundation and IIMPact by IIM Ahmedabad has reached bent many young girls within the Mahabubnagar, Delhi, Sheopur, Chennai, Kanker, Krishnagiri, Ratlam, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vishakapatnam and Pratapgarh wide support from Titan employees and business associates who volunteer for the programme.

Saksham Bharat (Livelihood) – address the requirements of the girl child along with 2 of Nuvoco’s five CSR pillars – Swasth Bharat (Health), Shikshit Bharat (Education), through carefully crafted and efficiently address and executed initiatives.

These include skill development; farm and non-farm based livelihood activities; providing good education infrastructure in government schools – building libraries, computer labs, etc; to making awareness on health and hygiene, preventive care, and special programmes dedicated to the health needs of adolescent girls, by promoting and creating menstrual hygiene and health awareness sessions.

LG Electronics Kar Salaam as support towards education of the girl child by signing an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Kendriya Sainik, LG Electronics donated 1 crore contribution to soldiers Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) under Kendriya Sainik Board Secretiat (KSB SECTT), a nodal organization of the govt. . of India, Ministry of Defence. The donation are going to be utilised for education of the girl child of Martys and ex-servicemen and in every possible aspect and reaffirm its commitment towards the people and our brave martyrs and their families by providing their daughters with access to quality education.

International Day of the Girl Child is additionally an honest occasion to offer your daughter(s) an enormous hug and appreciate her presence in your family.

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