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BlueSky launches CSR Assurance Certificates

BlueSky launches CSR Assurance Certificates

BlueSky launches CSR Assurance Certificates

Bengaluru: BlueSky launches CSR Assurance Certificates – The CSR Assurance Certificates has been launched by, BlueSky, India’s only accredited CSR Assurance Organisation.

With these certificates, BlueSky Impact is being offered to Indian Corporates along with BlueSky Engage, BlueSky Finance, BlueSky Governance, and corporates having undertaken Corporate Social Responsibility projects and NGOs implementing them.

Acknowledged by the Quality Council of India’s National Accreditation Board of Certification Bodies BlueSky has been accredited for providing assurance certificates.

Bluesky Certificates will be published on the NABCB website when awarded to the corporate.

More details can be found at https://blueskyassurance.com/

As these certificates we want to celebrate the success of CSR project giving assurance certificates will help corporate build credibility on outcomes and impact of CSR projects as it defines BlueSky CSR Inspection Certificate globally recognized and accepted with this accreditation as it makes It an ISO 26000 and India’s National Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC)- 2018

The BlueSky CSR Inspection Certificate makes communication to the Board, Employees, Investors, Communities and other stakeholders easy, credible, and accountable.

Almost Rs. 55,000 crores have been spent on CSR projects in India since 2014 as the CSR investment, there is a growing need to ensure under The Companies Act 2013 which mandates these CSR Projects are planned and executed for the best possible outcomes and impact.

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