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Ananta Seva to support 2000 families fight Winter in Sundarbans

Ananta Seva to support 2000 families fight Winter in Sundarbans

Ananta Seva to support 2000 families fight Winter in Sundarbans

Ananta Seva to support 2000 families fight Winter in Sundarbans – 2020 has been a difficult year for the rural poor of the Coastal and South Bengal. First, it had been the pandemic of Covid-19 which wreaked havoc. the most important casualty were the landless migrant workers who lost their livelihood and had to return to their villages, without work, without the essential source of income for 2 square meals each day. Then came the Super Cyclone Amphan on May 20, which completely turned life the wrong way up. quite 100 lives were lost, estimated a million trees uprooted, vegetation lost, catastrophic to mention the smallest amount.

The cyclone devastated the whole ecosystem of South Bengal, particularly Sundarbans and therefore the Sagar Island. It not only destroyed the prevailing properties but also impacted the longer-term source of income, farming & fishing because it has affected the fertile nature of the land and made water saline thanks to the ingress of seawater.

It is estimated that around 1500 sq. km area in Sunderbans suffered severe damages and over 10 lakh homes/shops were gone. Mangrove Forest is the source of income for the local population. With an equivalent but lost, it’ll take years to rebuild it. Even, the remaining portion of the forest is in grave danger thanks to salinity and an increase in water levels.

Recently, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the coming winter will see intense and frequent cyclones over the Bay of Bengal. which can make the winter of 2020 more dreadful for poor sufferers of Amphan as these areas are already struggling for food, clean drinkable water & employment and it seems the winter will test their endurance to the core per annum precious lives are lost during winter thanks to unavailability of protective tools/blankets and this year the amount may increase multiple times.

Ananta Seva Foundation, which was found out post-Amphan to empower the poor live a life of equality and dignity has decided to succeed in out and supply blankets to over two thousand families of Hingalganj, Gosaba, Sagar Island, Sandeshkhali, and Patharpratima, all of were ravaged by Amphan and therefore the villagers are still struggling to form their ends meet.

For rescuing the Sunderbans and South Bengal post-Amphan, the foundation worked by reaching out and providing relief under the project name “BENGAL NEEDS YOU” to over 1000 families including dry ration, tarpaulin, medicine, alum, mask, Sanitizers, etc as we are in regular touch with the people in these remote areas. Our team members have visited a number of these areas and seen how difficult life has been for the people there. Even after numerous months, a sizable amount of homes are yet to be rebuild. Winter is going to be punishing for them. We wish to succeed out early and supply whatever help we could. We wish to succeed into as many as we could and would take help from our donors and launch a crowdfunding campaign shortly to every citizen to return forward for the noble cause & support the poor people fight against the winter chill”, He mentioned.

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