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CSR: HUL pledges Rs 100 cr to fight Covid-19 in India

CSR: HUL pledges Rs 100 cr to fight Covid-19 in India

CSR: HUL pledges Rs 100 cr to fight Covid-19 in India

CSR: HUL pledges Rs 100 cr to fight Covid-19 in India – Packaged commodity company Hindustan Unilever (HUL) said it’s pledging Rs. 100 crore towards fighting Coronavirus in India whilst it announced plans to slash prices of its care and residential hygiene brands — Lifebuoy sanitizer and liquid hand wash, and Domex floor cleaners — by 15%.

The outbreak of the highly contagious Covid-19 disease has spurred demand for private hygiene and germ-killing products like soaps, and sanitizers—the supply that has far exceed demand. As consumers have rushed to refill on such goods, HUL said it’s slashing prices of hand sanitizes and hand washes.

Moreover, earlier this month, the govt had declared sanitizers and masks “essential commodities” to stop hoarding and price manipulation of such goods.

In fact, on Friday, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan, capped the costs of hand sanitizers and masks to make sure traders and makes do no enjoy the sale of such goods.

On Friday, the govt said that the price of a 200 ml bottle of hand sanitizer cannot exceed Rs. 100; while that of two-ply (surgical) mask is to be capped at Rs. 8 which of 3 ply (surgical) mask Rs. 10.

The prices are to adhered till June 30, 2020, the govt said on alcohols utilized in manufacturer had also placed price uring of hand sanitizers, Mint reported earlier.

hand wash and Domex floor cleaner with revised (lowered) prices of Lifebuoy sanitizers, and are going to be available within the market over the subsequent few weeks, HUL said.

By 15% reduction in the public interest, HUL is reducing the costs of the products and are commencing production of those reduced priced products immediately and these are going to be available within the market within the next few weeks,” the corporate said during a media statement.

Moreover, HUL has also ramped up the assembly of Lifebuoy sanitizers, Lifebuoy hand wash liquid and Domex floor cleaners and is committed to scaling it up even further within the coming weeks, the corporate statement added. the corporate said it’ll also donate 2 crores pieces of Lifebuoy soaps within the next few months “to the sections of the society which require it the foremost .”

The FMCG company will partner with medical institutions and supply them with free supplies of sanitation and hygiene products. Around ₹10 crores of donation are proposed to upgrade the health care facilities in testing centers and hospitals. “In a crisis like this, companies have an enormous role to play.

With the recent decision to defer price hikes on its soaps portfolio—keeping in mind the demand for skin cleaning products within the country immediately.

Driven by a hike in staple costs—largely a jump in vegetable oil prices—India’s packaged commodity firms are mulling a gradual price hike on skin cleaning products starting early this year.

However, HUL said that its pricing action “was well before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in India,” a corporation spokesperson said told Mint earlier in the week.

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