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Speaker seeks CSR funds from KKNPP, IPRC for drinking water projects


Speaker seeks CSR funds from KKNPP, IPRC

For the purpose of carrying out two drinking water projects, Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker M. Appavu has asked Mahendragiri and Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), both of which are located in his electoral district of Radhapuram, for corporate social responsibility funding.

In a letter to IPRC, Mr. Appavu claimed that the large tracts of land that were purchased for “throw away price” from the locals in order to build IPRC at Mahendragiri near the foothills of the Western Ghats resulted in the “blocking and non-maintenance” of streams that once fed the nearby village panchayats of Kavalkinaru and Vadakkankulam.

As a result, every hamlet under these two village panchayats had to run from one source of drinking water to the next.

Consequently, a plan was developed to instal pipes for roughly 20 kilometres to supply these two panchayats with drinking water from four open wells that would be dug near the Kuththarapaanjaan waterfalls close to the IPRC complex. According to Mr. Appavu, the IPRC should release money from its CSR funds or other special funds for the benefit of the two village panchayats close to the IPRC complex. The project, which will be carried out by the TWAD Board, is expected to cost 18.50 crore.


The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), which is located in the Radhapuram constituency, is being promoted by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited. The Speaker has written them once more.

In the letter, he claimed that Koodankulam Village Panchayat’s drinking water shortage had gotten out of hand as the ongoing KKNPP attracted thousands of employees from all over the nation.

Therefore, in order to address this problem, the KKNPP should provide funding for the 14.50 crore project that is designed to instal pipes across a distance of 24.50 km in order to pump 9.15 lakh litres of water per day from Anaikkarai on the Nambiyar riverbed to the Koodankulam village panchayat.