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Crypto gamification platform OWN raises $2 million in seed funding round

Crypto gamification platform OWN

Crypto gamification platform OWN raised $2 mn

On Monday, One World Nation a, crypto gamification platform OWN, announced that it had obtained $2 million in early funding from well-known investors such as Better Capital, Polygon Studios, Cloud Capital, and Indigg, to mention a few. 
OWN revealed in a press release that it plans to develop a play-to-earn game based on NFT. The organization has stated that they intend to make Defi more gamified. The brand aspires to become a ‘Cryptoverse‘ or a ‘Metaverse of Cryptos.’ 
In the same press statement, OWN stated that the initiative would eventually be decentralized. This would allow members of the community to actively participate in the project.

Crypto gamification platform OWN

“We are happy and elated to have secured the backing that we needed to build on the future of OWN,” stated OWN founder Akhil Gupta. We are personifying Cryptocurrencies to help people better understand the crypto environment. Consider how Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and other cryptocurrencies would be represented by a Warrior – Cryptonite. Each Cryptonite has a backstory, a goal, and a reason for being here. Each Cryptonite will be sold as a one-of-a-kind NFT. Cryptonites can be owned, games can be played, and high rewards in Cryptos can be earned!” 
“Currently, web 3 technology is relatively young, and it is similar to the internet of the 1990s,” Vaibhav from Better Capital said of the goal for investing in OWN. OWN is on a future path of using web 3 tech and producing consumer-centric use cases around gaming for Crypto markets, and we want to be the catalysts of growth for this fast increasing industry. We’d like to invest in a technology that will be the front-runner for NFT-based game earning.” 

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