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CRED to acquire SaaS platform, CreditVidya


CRED to acquire CreditVidya

A SaaS platform called CreditVidya will shortly be bought by Kunal Shah- led CRED. According to the company, CreditVidya has approved of the accession’s terms and conditions, and both cash and shares would be used in the deal. The business stated in a statement that” necessary permits must be secured before the sale may close.”

In response to this deal, CRED’s author Kunal Shah stated that” adding access to credit is a vital machine for fiscal growth. CreditVidya’s personal technology mound recognizes trust signals among underrepresented communities. We’re eager to support them in generating a broad credit terrain. As quested in the accession agreement, CRED and CreditVidya will carry on operating independently.


The launch- 200 up’s workers will also be eligible for all the gratuities offered to CRED platoon members, including its ESOP programme. The staff at CreditVidya is eager to join the CRED group, according to Abhishek Agarwal,co-founder and CEO of the business. In order to promote fiscal addition, he continued,” We have invested in developing order- defining results that offer fiscal services to Indians who warrant access to credit through our mates, reconsidering how threat is assessed and trust measured.” Agarwal and Rajiv created CreditVidya in 2013.

Agarwal and Rajiv created CreditVidya in 2013. The business developed an indispensable credit scoring platform using technologies like big data and machine literacy. In collaboration with top fiscal institutions, this full mound platform powers the client lifecycle, from fabrication to underwriting to collections, as well as access to capital.