CII urges industry not to lower guard against Covid-19

CII urges industry not to lower guard against Covid-19

CII urges industry not to lower guard against Covid-19

CII urges industry not to lower guard against Covid-19 – The member companies in north India are urged to not lower guard against Covid-19 by Industry body CII and make sure that the prescribed norms of maintaining physical distance of a minimum of 6 feet, wearing masks, and avoiding large gatherings are followed.

With an unprecedented rate, the pandemic continues to pose hardship for the complete country, as Covid-19 cases rising for the past few weeks at an the chamber said during an announcement on Sunday.

Many states in northern India are experiencing probably the second or perhaps the third wave of rise in infections and mortality the matter is getting accentuated, especially for the vulnerable ones, it added.

Observing that while pandemic fatigue is an expected and natural response to a protracted public health crisis, the chamber said “we should understand and detain mind the repercussions of dropping our guard not only on the health and safety of these around us but also its impact on our work and everyday lives”.

CII Northern Region Chairman Nikhil Sawhney said, “As we’ll see some signs of a rebound in our economy, the smallest amount we’d want now would be another spate of shutdowns or closing of our workplaces because of infections in the states are again being forced to announce night curfews and restrictions on social gatherings which i’d say don’t seem to be good signs being urging them to not lower guard against Covid-19 and to create sure that the prescribed norms are followed by everyone including family, friends and workforce also follow these rules the littlest amount bit times without fail. At the identical time, in our offices, we’d wish to form sure of labor from home policy for few more months,” he said.

He highlighted that the govt.. is committed to making sure the availability of the vaccine and has stated that a selected process is underway for reaching it to the vulnerable sections of society.

In the light of this, it’s essential for all industry members to be ready for a period of a minimum of a year of continued vigil and precautionary measures for working towards containing disease prevalence, Sawhney said.

With the industry members to remain to, including following work from home for all offices requiring non-contact activities, CII has prepared an full workplace protocol, which has been shared ensuring the fullest workplace safety measures where employees are required to be physically present, and conducting Covid testing of all employees are aggressively promoting awareness among employees’ families and then the message of SMS — mask wearing, sanitization and hand washing, social distancing.

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