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Concentrix catalyst doubles India’s tech talent

Concentrix catalyst

Concentrix catalyst boosts India’s tech talent

Concentrix catalyst – “India is the epicentre of tech and innovation, and where we see tremendous growth opportunities in both IP and delivery driven from our centers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata,” said Ajaz Mohammed, head of delivery, Concentrix Catalyst, a leading global solutions company that reimagines everything customer experience (CX) through strategy, talent, and technology. 
“Around the next 12 months, we expect considerable growth to reinforce our continued innovation, engagement, and delivery capabilities to clients all over the world.” The company is prepared to take a leading position in the $550 billion CX industry as the Catalyst team leads the digital capabilities business to accelerate CX transformation. The expansion of its workforce will be driven by its ability to expand and innovate at scale in areas such as AI and advanced analytics, immersive experiences, intelligent automation, cloud, and more. 
The Catalyst team is looking to expand its workforce over the next year, specifically mid to senior level software engineers, project managers, and technical architects in a variety of vertical markets, including telecom and media, technology and software, fintech, transportation and logistics, industrial, retail, and healthcare.

Concentrix catalyst

“We’ve tried to become the world’s leading customer engagement organization, rich in talent and diversity, since our foundation,” said Concentrix Catalyst president Dinesh Venugopal. 
“We’re devoted to delivering ever-greater outcomes and continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, thanks to the powerful data, robust technology, and excellent talent required to create experiences beyond expectation.” Expanding our Catalyst team’s tech talent in India would assist us in achieving the company’s long-term goal of providing best-in-class CX services on a worldwide scale.” 
Concentrix has won multiple awards for its commitment to workplace diversity, including being named the best company for diversity, best company for women, and best corporate culture by Comparably. 

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