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Colgate Palmolive India aims for strong growth to continue with increase in oral healthcare spending

Colgate Palmolive India

Colgate Palmolive India expects strong growth in oral healthcare expenditure

Colgate Palmolive India Ltd anticipates ongoing robust growth for the following several years, supported by the company’s focus on innovation and the rise in oral healthcare spending in the nation. 
Despite the fact that India has made “great strides” in recent decades with regard to oral health programmes, the population and segmentation vastness present chances to investigate new directions for improving oral health in the nation. 
With more people becoming aware of this issue, there is an increase in the cost of dental care. People are actively seeking preventive solutions because they are aware of the dangers of neglect, the company stated in its annual report for 2021–22. This increased demand for quality oral care products from reputable brands will help promote good oral hygiene.

Colgate Palmolive India

More than 80% of individuals in India do not brush their teeth at night, despite the oral care category having a penetration rate of over 95%, according to Colgate Palmolive India Ltd (CPIL). 
In light of the rise in oral disorders, up to 77 percent of adults and up to 71 percent of children under the age of 12 experience gum problems each year. 
Oral care accounts for over 95% of Colgate Palmolive India’s sales turnover. 
According to Colgate Palmolive India’s annual report, “the company’s primary line of business is oral care, and given the enormity of the potential, the outlook for the oral health market is positive.” 
On the strength of its experience operating in a growing environment and its continuous focus on capturing major opportunities through innovation and operational excellence, the company expects that its “business will continue to grow rapidly in the next several years.” 
The corporation is also enthusiastic about the prospects in the segment and has entered the face cleansing market under the Palmolive brand. 
Through its emphasis on the launch of novel items and the incorporation of consumer and shopper insights into new products, Colgate Palmolive India claimed that it has been effective in detecting and satisfying consumer requirements within its core categories for years.

Smile Store Program

In the process of transforming to the digital and data age, it has also made significant strides. The “Smile Store Program” was introduced by Colgate Palmolive India in FY22. It is a transformation project that uses sophisticated shopper data and data science models to build up assortments in retail. 
“We are still dedicated to developing capacities for the future. Ram Raghavan, managing director of Colgate Palmolive India, addressed shareholders and said, “Our increased efforts in the realm of digital and analytics have resulted in substantial growth in our e-commerce company, reinforcing our leading position across platforms. 
Colgate Palmolive India’s net sales for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2022, were Rs 5,066 crore. 
Our sales reached a big milestone of Rs 5,000 crore, a first, and Raghavan noted that high profit growth (+4.1%), strong EBITDA (31%) and strong gross margins (67%) were also achieved.