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To encourage blockchain literacy, CoinDCX partners with BITS Pilani

Encourage blockchain literacy

CoinDCX collaborates with BITS Pilani to encourage blockchain literacy

Encourage blockchain literacy – Exchange of cryptocurrencies CoinDCX has partnered with the Department of Computer Science at BITS Pilani to perform cryptocurrency research, development, and innovation within India’s student population. CoinDCX’s crypto education activities, which aim to improve the country’s awareness and use of cryptocurrency, are aligned with this relationship. 
The project will focus on two key pillars: blockchain literacy and research in decentralized systems, drawing on the research and development credentials of the faculty assigned to this project from BITS Pilani’s Pilani Campus, as well as CoinDCX’s technical know-how and expertise in blockchain technology. They’ll also look at research and education programmes related to Smart Contracts and DApp development.

CoinDCX encourage blockchain literacy

Over 100 students will be trained in blockchain technology over the next year, as well as educational material in the form of whitepapers on mutually agreed-upon themes. 
“The research lab will assist uncover more use cases of blockchain and crypto and position India at the forefront of this Fintech revolution,” said Dr. Amit Dua, Assistant professor of Computer Science at BITS Pilani’s Pilani campus. 
“In addition to our work with DCX Learn and our policy advocacy efforts with regulators, our recent partnership with BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus will strengthen digital asset innovation in India, in terms of facilitating wider mainstream adoption of crypto,” said Neeraj Khandelwal, co-founder of CoinDCX.

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