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Coal Ministry Plans 1404 MT production by 2027

Coal Ministry

Coal Ministry – At present levels of production of around one billion tonnes per year, the Ministry of Coal intends to generate 1404 million tonnes (MT) of coal by 2027 and 1577 MT by 2030.  For the current year, the coal to be supplied to domestic coal-fired power plants is estimated to be roughly 821 MT.

The Ministry of Coal has taken note of the additional coal needed to fuel the country’s additional 80 GW of thermal capacity by 2030.  The coal requirement for increased thermal capacity would be roughly 400 MT at 85% PLF, and the actual requirement may be lower depending on future generation requirements owing to renewable contributions.

The production plan comprises the establishment of new mines, the growth of mine capacity, and the creation of captive/commercial mines.  All three operational components are contributing and have specific strategies for future improvement.   Production plans for 2027 and 2030 will substantially surpass the country’s likely domestic demand for thermal power plants, including potential additional capacity.

In terms of the current year’s coal situation, inventories have begun to build up, and the coal stock at thermal power plants is now approximately 20 MT, while it is 41.59MT at mines. The overall stock (including transit and captive mines) is 73.56 MT, up from 65.56 MT last year, representing a 12% increase year on year.

Coal Ministry

The Ministries of Coal, Power, and Railways are collaborating closely.  As a result, stable coal supply have been maintained.  It should be remembered that the lowest TPP stock for this year was on October 16, 23, and that stock building at thermal power plants and mine ends has begun.

On a yearly basis, the growth in power generation for domestic coal-fired power plants is 8.99%, whereas the growth in coal output is 13.02% (to date). It should also be mentioned that demand for thermal power has increased by more than 20% during the last three months.

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