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Cisco invests in new data centre in Chennai for cloud-delivered security


Cisco invests in data center in Chennai for cloud-security

Cisco, the global leader in cybersecurity, is expanding its data center footprint in India. Cisco is investing in dedicated cloud infrastructure to bring security services to more Indian customers as Indian organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud. Cisco has invested in a new data center in Chennai to fully realize the potential of cloud-delivered security in helping businesses protect devices, remote users, and distributed locations. In addition, the company is expanding its current data center in Mumbai.

The new and upgraded amenities will bring agile, highly resilient, high-capacity access closer to users, including large and small Indian enterprises from various industries, by leveraging industry-leading network performance. This is critical in today’s hybrid workplace, which presents new cybersecurity challenges as organizations transition from a static to a dynamic operating model.

Daisy Chittilapilly, Cisco India & SAARC President, stated: “The world is becoming more hybrid, and organizations must adapt quickly. Their success is heavily dependent on their ability to address the cybersecurity risks that this presents. Cisco is dedicated to assisting Indian organizations in improving their security resilience so that they can turn their digitization into a competitive advantage. To help organizations fortify their defenses and catalyze their digital transformation, we are introducing innovative cyber capabilities, expanding our security data center footprint, and continuing to build a dedicated engineering workforce in India.”

Cisco invested in a dedicated India Webex infrastructure and received the necessary regulatory licenses in October of last year to accelerate Webex adoption across the country.


In addition to scaling up data centers, Cisco is introducing new risk-based capabilities across its security portfolio in India for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These capabilities, according to the company, will protect the integrity of an organization’s entire IT ecosystem. This includes the most recent Zero Trust, application security, and secure connectivity innovations.

Cisco first entered India 27 years ago, and the company considers India to be a critical market. India is also the world’s second largest R&D center outside of the United States, with a sizable workforce in the field of security engineering.