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Chitkara University Signs MoU With Tafe Motors & Tractors Limited

Chitkara University

Chitkara University and Tafe Motors And Tractors Ltd sign MoU

Chitkara University in Punjab and Tafe Motors and Tractors Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) as part of Chandigarh Building Strategic Partnership (TMTL).

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, vice president of Chitkara University’s Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Development, Nikhil Sinha, associate vice president of TMTL and the event’s special guest, and Piyush Garg all saw the signing of the MoU. (CEED).

According to the agreement, TMTL will donate CSR cash to Chitkara University, which will support agritech and innovative technology firms that will benefit the community and the nation. Another important initiative of this MoU is that TMTL will promote IT startups by offering logistics, financial support, and a location for designing 3D printers.

Chitkara University

Additionally, Chitkara University students will have the chance to pursue internships and employment with TMTL, taking advantage of their resources.

“We, at Chitkara University, believe in providing our staff and students with the ideal environment and opportunity to sharpen their abilities and engage in ideas with each other,” stated Madhu Chitkara, provost of Chitkara University, at the event. Through these partnerships, we are able to house enquiring minds that inspire our students, who are the future’s passport.

“Tafe Motors has a strong presence in the retail, agro, telecom, and industrial areas, with more than 18 years of service,” said Nikhil Sinha, associate vice-president, TMTL. Thus, the Memorandum of Understanding will act as a complete partnership for industry-academia cooperation, for the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, and research with a focus on CSR.