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In ‘Iconic Week’ celebration at Zawar Group of Mines, Hindustan Zinc puts safety first

Zawar Group of Mines

Hindustan Zinc puts safety 1st in ‘Iconic Week’ celebration at Zawar Group of Mines

Udaipur: Under the auspices of the Directorate General of Mines Safety, Hindustan Zinc, India’s largest and world’s top zinc-lead-silver producer, celebrated ‘Iconic Week’ – Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – at Zawar Group of Mines (DGMS). The company hosted a session on “Safety Aspects of Diesel Machineries in Underground Metalliferous Mines” on Thursday. Satish D. Chiddarwar, Deputy Director General of DGMS (Northern Zone), and Shri Arun Misra, Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Zinc, jointly launched the event. 
Gujarat Ahmedabad DGMS representative Manish Pal, Surat DGMS Murlidhar Mishra, JP Verma, Zawar SBU Director Kishore Kumar, Labour Union General Secretary Lalu Ram Meena, Sarada Subdivision Officer Subhash Hemani, and others were among the prominent guests at the event. Officers and employees from a variety of government agencies, businesses, and industries attended the session on the critical subject of underground mine safety. The museum, which has relics from mining and manufacture 500 years ago, was inaugurated by the guests. 
The government is commemorating the 75th anniversary of India’s independence with the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM), an initiative to honor the country’s magnificent past and diverse language, culture, and people. It is being commemorated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment from March 07 to March 13, 2022, in order to create a movement that would activate events aimed at strengthening community ties, increasing social contact, and discovering India’s rich culture. Hindustan Zinc takes the initiative to teach and emphasize the safety aspects of Diesel Machineries in Underground Metalliferous Mines, a corporation that has prioritized safety from its foundation. 
“Our unwavering dedication to the 3S – Safety, Sustainability, and Smart Mining – enables us to produce great outcomes in the form of record quantities,” said Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc, at the ceremony. At Hindustan Zinc, technology is used to improve traffic management and reduce man-machine contact. At Hindustan Zinc, we pay a greater emphasis on health and safety performance as we assist in nation development by reinforcing and fortifying the country’s infrastructure.”

Zawar Group of Mines

Satish D. Chiddarwar, Dy. Director-General of Mine Safety (North and North-West Zone), praised Hindustan Zinc‘s participation in the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’s Iconic Week Celebration. He also talked about how mining is the backbone of the Indian economy and how it has the ability to boost GDP, create jobs, and help India achieve its goal of being a $5 trillion country. He stressed the importance of the mining sector in India’s next phase of growth, encouraging women to join the industry and emphasizing how the industry should work to create infrastructure to support it. 
Hindustan Zinc has improved its focus on health and safety throughout time. In addition, the company has adopted a variety of innovative safety measures that make use of digitization, allowing it to scale up safety, operational efficiency, and digital standards. Furthermore, the company operates India’s first underground first aid station. In the event of an emergency, the station is equipped with advanced medical equipment that can provide life-saving help. 

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